List of Works (Updated 1/2021)


Basura Digital File (2021) self released
Of Unknown Origin File (2020) self released
La Pradera File (2020) self released
Sabana Abajo File (2020) self released
Woodworm File (2020) self released

Jorge Castro + Claudio Chea

Death Of The Moon Digital Album/Compilation (2020) Download
Sky Ghosts C20 upcoming
Vimana mCDR (2012) Buh Records
Quasar C21 (2011) 905 Tapes
S/T collaboration w/ Carlos Giffoni C10 (2010) Sonora
Emanations w/ Joshua Norton Cabal C30 (2010) Sonora
Technicias of the Divine Vol. 3: Espiritismo a-Go-Go w/ Telecult Powers C30 (2010) Temple of Pei
Split w/ Hybrid Frequency C20 (2010) Ruido Latino
Cosmic Trigger C30 (2010) Neon Blossom
Ultima LP (2010) Anarchymoon
Split w/ Hybrid Frequency mCDR (2010) Ruido Latino
Deep Wind CD w/ Astro (2010) Quasipop
Balance of Power 3"CDR (2009) Ruido Horrible
Black Operations CDR (2008) Sonora
Star Trails CDR (2008) Sonora
Solar Metaphysics CDR w/ WILT (2008) ORCO
A|V File (MP3) (2008) ACS - download
Un Infierno Total CDR w/ ARMENIA (2007) Sonora
Death of the Sun CDR (2007) Sonora
Drop Out Bones / Shock Therapy CDR w/ ASTRO (2006) Sonora
Cyclopean Waste CDR w/ HIVE MIND, LUASA RAELON (2005) Chondritic Sound
.C. Works 2xCD (2004) Sonora
Diámetros CDR (2004) Paralelo 18 / (2019) Oxidation
Nebula 9.3 CDR w/ PABLO RECHE (2003)  Testing Ground
Basement CDR w/ ULTRA MILKMAIDS (2003) Authorised Version
Cuerpo, Misterios y Rumores (2003) Zeromoon
Jornadas Intravenosas CDR (2003) Eozoon Editions
032102 - Live in Detroit CDR (2002) Chondritic Sound
.C. CDR (2002) The Locus of Assemblage
The Disease Industry 7" (2001) Ataxie Disques
Vibroacústica CDR (2001) Generator Sound Art
Crack the Sun CDR w/ K2 (2000) Solipsism
Una Bomba Más CDR w/ Joshua Norton Cabal (2000) Audio Intruder Pain
Split CDR w/ Never Presence Forever (2000) Gameboy Records
Perspectives 3xCDR Box (2000) Fusion Audio Records / (2019) Oxidation
1003 CDR (2000) Eco
Eradicate the Religious Establishment CDR (2000) Hospital Productions
60 Years CDR w/ MUSIQUE MOTPOL (2000) Public Eyesore
Christians in Bondage CS (1999) TDT
Lifelong Hate Crusade CS (1999) TDT
Sense CS (1998) TDT
The Ultimate Perpetration of Fraud CS (1998) self release
Anger Control CD (1998) self release


Ciclón (2011) Unika Editions
Juracán 2xCDr (2011) Enemata Productions
Torrential CDr (2011) Sweet Solitude / (2019) Oxidation


Paramagnético File (2010) Sonora
Perigee/Apogee C20 (2009) Dada Drumming
Tránsito de Venus CDR (2009) Sonora
Cosmovisión CD (2009) Sonora
Diluvio CDR (2008) Sonora
Pastoral CDR (2007) Sonora
Glory On The Summit CDR (2007) Sonora (with Lasse Marhaug)
Cinética CDR (2005) Public Eyesore
Subsuelo CDR (2004) Noisex Records / (2019) Oxidation
Sin Título II (2001) Public Eyesore
La tranquilidad de tu presencia 2xCDR (2001) Fusion Audio
Guitarras del olvido y pensamientos dimensionales CDR (2000) Public Eyesore
Sin Título CDR (2000) Eco
The Joys and Rewards of Repetition CS (1999) Public Eyesore

ALPHA CRUCIS (2011-2019)

Planetas Invisibles (2012)
Excess Weight C30 (2012) Banned Production
Sonido Bestial (Mu. Reconstruido por Alpha Crucis) (2011) Yuca Tapes download  

CLON (2005-2008)

ar. 1550 CDR (2006) Sonora
Barrage Hydroelectrique CDR w/ WAPSTAN (2006) Brise Cul Records
Bifrost CS (2006) Morbid Tapes
El Mar .ogg (2006) Desetxea - download
Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances CDR (2006) Gameboy Records
Alturas CDR (2007) Audiobot
Attack of... CDR w/ VIOLET (2007) Sonora
Outer Rim CDR (2007) Slop Drug
Vanishing CS (2007) Bone Tooth Horn
Indigencia Tecnológica CDR w/ Christian Galarreta (2008) Sonora

SUPERAQUELLO (2003-2010)

Bien Gorgeous CD (2004) Tereque Tech
La Emergencia CD (2005) Tereque Tech
Ladrones y Mentirosos OST CD (2006) Tereque Tech
Superaquello Interpreta Latarde CD (2010) AtrumOrbis
Escuchate Esta (2010) AtrumOrbis